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We offer many free online resources for training, health, and nutrition via our documents, YouTube, and newsletters. We know many want another level of personal coaching and interaction with our team. Sometimes you know that having this relationship, expertise, accountability, and regular feedback is what you need. We are here to help you!

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Each sport involves unique constraints and, consequently, demands certain skill sets. What is undeniable is the role that physical strength plays in a wide array of sports and its utility in overall physical fitness.
Fortunately, the past 20 years have seen evidence-based recommendations that advocate resistance training for the current and long-term health of all demographics and populations.
Additionally, the 2014 international consensus position statement on youth resistance training, 
Lloyd et al "childhood may be the opportune time to build bone mass and enhance bone structure by participating in weight-bearing physical activities.” 

American Academy of Pediatrics position statement 

  1. Resistance training should be an essential component of preparatory training for aspiring athletes.

  2. Participation in resistance training earlier in life correlates with participation later in life.

  3. Individuals who do not participate in resistance training are likely at increased risk of negative consequences.

Resistance training is effective for increasing performance and reducing the risk of injury in athletes. Performance is usually the primary concern in athletic contexts.

Effective training dosed appropriately helps make better athletes. What sets us apart from other "athlete training" programs? Intense focus on self-efficacy and education. 

We focus on efficient movement patterns which ensures maximum results. 

Whatever your sport, we're confident in our training protocol and believe it to be optimal to help you safely and efficiently realize your athletic potential.
In summary, you'll be confident in our evidence based approach to help you train in the gym smarter by using evidence based methods used by Olympians and professional athletes alike. 

Are We the Right Fit?

Most likely. We really do work with all kind of folks and there is no typical client, outside of each person’s desire to learn and change. We work with general strength and conditioning clients, beginning gym-goers, seasoned athletes, and those pursuing a variety of sports, including Powerlifting, Martial Arts, Field & Court, and more.

One of the unique features of our coaching is that you have both your own coach with whom you build a coaching relationship, and a team that is able to provide additional support and insight as needed. Included with us; Coaches with International experience, experienced competitors, Community Health Specialist, and a Published Biologist. Throughout the whole process your coach and our team are committed to working with you.

Offered are several types and levels of coaching, from monthly group programming to one on one nutrition and training plans and coaching. Our team has worked with clients of all ages, all stages of athletic development, and in all stages of weight loss. Whether you’re just now starting off-hoping to make changes in your lifestyle, nutrition, and training or if you’ve trained for years and are looking to push yourself further, we likely have experience and are able to come alongside you.

All one-on-one coaching programs are written specifically for you, the client. After gathering initial screening information on your current training, nutrition, goals, and history, your coach writes your program. All training options include video review, online logging, and progress analysis. With both nutrition coaching and program coaching, you have weekly coaching updates, unlimited email access, on-going feedback and recommendations, updates to your programming as needed, and support through the various ups and downs that are a part of life.

Training Plans

1 on 1 Coaching
(General Fitness, Strength & Athletic Development) 

Individuals who are new to exercise and/or resistance training (less than 3-6 months of experience in a formal training program).

Individuals returning from an extended layoff (more than 4 weeks) from resistance training. We get it: life happens and one missed session sometimes turns into a longer break from the gym. This is a great on-ramp for those who have been out of the gym for awhile.

Individuals returning from an injury. These folks may be returning from rehab. Regardless, if you have been unable to train normally for a substantial period of time (more than 4-6 weeks), you are also a candidate for 1-1.

        Program Adjustments 

        Unlimited Email Support

        Weekly Check Ins

        Tailored Programming

        Unlimited Nutrition Support

Team Coaching 
(Linear speed, Strength & Conditioning Development) 

All team or small group coaching programs are written specifically for you. After gathering initial screening information on teams current training, nutrition, goals, and history, we write a personalized program and begin training.

This coaching plan includes weekly progress updates, unlimited email access, on-going feedback and recommendations, updates to your programming as needed, and support through the various ups and downs that are a part of life. Once we have had chance to review your form, we will be in touch with you regarding billing and our recommendation and how we may best work together.

        Program Adjustments 

        Unlimited Email Support

        Competition Prep & Support

        Weekly Check Ins

        Tailored Programming

Youth Training
(Ages 8-14)

According to Bonnet et al, the majority of bone mineral density (BMD) accumulation for the lifespan occurs during the pediatric years.

Neuromuscular adaptation - 

It is evident that muscle incurs specific adaptations to mechanical loading, but the parameters of dosing (e.g., contraction mode & velocity, stimulus intensity, frequency, volume, etc.) heavily influence the specific adaptations generated in the trained population. There is likely no specific set/rep scheme that is “optimal” for initial adaptation among untrained individuals, as the novelty of the stimulus is typically sufficient to elicit changes in muscle in this population.

This fun, educational program introduces basic speed, agility and functional strength movements to your child. Our goal is to empower youth by demonstrating how and why to work out so they can succeed in sports and their personal fitness.

        Program Adjustments 

        Unlimited Email Support

        Competition Prep & Support

        Weekly Check Ins

        Tailored Programming

Program Structure

Each week of training includes:

  1. Three days of strength training involving three exercises per day that collectively train the entire body. These workouts are ideally performed on non-consecutive days (e.g. M/W/F or T/Th/Sa), but if you have to schedule training days back-to-back, that’s okay – and certainly better than not training at all!

  2. One or two days of conditioning to gradually introduce the trainee to aerobic and anaerobic conditioning elements over time. This serves to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and work capacity for physical development and health outcomes.

The first phase of training begins with the least exercise variation, low to moderate training intensity, and low training volume that builds over the course of the first four weeks as the individual adapts to the workload. The goals of the first phase are to begin developing:

  1. Technical proficiency with the selected exercises

  2. Proficiency with the use of Ratings of Perceived Exertion [RPE] across a variety of repetition ranges

  3. Work & recovery capacity to improve tolerance for training

Each subsequent phase builds upon the last, with the later phases introducing changes in intensity, rep ranges, training volume, exercise selection, and accessory work. These are designed to produce continued progress in the early phases of a new lifter’s journey, while equipping them with the skills and self-efficacy needed for a successful, long-term training career.


We have helped hundreds of athletes, lifters, and people just looking to be healthier led by an incredible team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches. We'd love to have you as part of the team!


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