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Training in Roanoke, Virginia

Frankie Vincent

Founder, Coastal Muay Thai

"So many people more often than not come to me with the biggest part of them ready to begin, but it's the smaller part of them that's not quite there. Often, my first step is to help them get to the bottom of that and address those concerns and fears"

With You from Ring to Rack

Boxing in Roanoke, Virginia


I grew up in Franklin County, Virginia with the love and support of my sister, mother, and later my step-father. Shortly after graduating high school, I moved to North Carolina seeking something new. 

I was fortunate enough to start my career doing the very thing I love - exercise and coaching. And I have not looked back. 

For more than a decade, I have been coaching. My home base was in North Carolina and I have been fortunate enough to coach around the world too. I started with a well known Martial Arts Gym, then worked as a Fitness Director for (now retired) general manager Patrick O'Keefe. Just before starting Coastal Muay Thai, I worked at a country club doing exclusively strength training. 

In addition to strength training, I have a career fighting in professional Muay Thai, which is especially helpful for helping people get through tough times around exercise. Going through some of the hardest physical training one can, I am grateful for the opportunity to help people through what may be their hardest physical training, including managing fatigue, managing injuries, and over all well-being. The people I help are not just clients, they are people with real stories, real barriers, real goals, real dreams, and a real desire to live the life they want, just like I had. 

I strive to listen well, connect deeply, and effectively help people reallize their goals. 


Masters of Education - Hollins University

Bachelor of Science - Health Science (cum laude) Liberty University

Professional Associations

United States of America Powerlifting (USAPL)

United States of America Boxing Association

International Kickboxing Federation Association


3x Fighter of the Night Bonuses

2018 National Qualifier - Thailand's Jiu Jitsu Team

Virginia State Deadlift record 165lb weight class - USPC

Featured In

Coastland Times - Making a Difference

The Virginia Pilot - Innovative Exercise

The Franklin New's Post - New Virginia State Record


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