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   Being active is a characteristic of people on the Outer Banks, but being physically fit and healthy are not guaranteed. Generally, people do not achieve and maintain their goals because of scheduling conflicts, lack of resources, and a limited perspective. Coastal Muay Thai encourages you to embrace the beautiful Outer Banks and all the opportunities it offers for healthy living and lifestyle choices. Carol and the CMT group invite you to come train!  

   We began working with adults who needed a perception change. Our goal was to identify and educate people that you can be physically fit and healthy through our Martial Arts and fitness programs.  

Beginning with Carol four years ago she had no fitness or Martial Arts experience. At present, Carol has lost 170 pounds and has kept those pounds off for four years. Two reasons for Carol's increased energy levels and physical fitness are active and puzzling practices that boxing facilitates.

Coastal Muay Thai testimonial

   We started by gathering background information, such as:

1) goals wanting to be accomplished,

2) what is the current state of health,

3) any prior experience.


This allowed us to recognize those who displayed the willingness to learn and work hard. The choice needed to be made by the person. Training and nutrition guidance were provided along with magazines, suggested restaurants, and recipes that were helpful.

Carol Dec 2016

   Most of training is skipping rope, hitting a bag, and working individualized drills. Routinely, we work specifically on strength and conditioning. Carol has begun to help others with their martial arts journey. Carol is more comfortable being a manager at work; "I act more confident in myself so it is easier for people to see me in a position of authority."

   Our journey has not only impacted her family but also the community. Carol and her sisters get together weekly to catch up and until four years ago conversations of health and physical activities were not a thought, now Carol's sisters both routinely exercise. Fast food is not a thought anymore while local merchants who have fresh produce and fish know Carol by name. Previously, Carol shopped online or in bigger cities to find clothes to fit her, smaller local boutique clothing stores are an entertaining weekend now.   

June 2016

Carol's Tips

  • Don't give up, Don't accept what you are now

  • Participate in an activity that challenges you, but also teaches you a skill

  • Don't deprive yourself from everything, make lifestyle changes

  • Don't be ashamed to ask for help

  • There's no magic pill

  • Be a part of a team

Finishing practice

Coastal Muay Thai meets you where you are in life. Our program encourages relationships within our team as well as a focus on you. We incorporate both individual and team training.There is a level of expertise in our instructors that gives you confidence in practice. Your attendance and participation is important and integral to our programs philosophy. In return, your involvement becomes important and instrumental to your own journey.
 Muay Thai is an art; therefore, we respect your style and imaginative development. We believe our approach is unique and different. Along with you, Coastal Muay Thai is a life changing experience. our group says, "come train"!

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