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What people are saying!

David Porter

Age 32

Stony Brook, New York

Martial Arts Instructor 

24 years of Thai Boxing,

11 years of Jiu-Jitsu

BBJ Black Belt

"I'm greatly influenced by his drive/work ethic. Natural talent goes to waste if you don't take the time to hone your craft and what impressed me the most was Frankie's ability to out-work most other people in the gym to make the day of the fight seem easy. He benefits from the same principles I believe martial arts gives to everyone who studies them like we do: discipline, integrity, and confidence. Due to having those he is empowered with taking the material he needs to teach and brings it to his students with all of his experience in a very humble way that comes across very sincere. Not many trainers can do that. Personally, I love the martial arts and in spite of some bad facilities or instructors until recently, I have decided to make it my life's work. To circumvent having to go through the heartache of dealing with terrible trainers like I did, I highly recommend you train with Frankie. He will give you what you need for sure and in an uplifting way. 


Once you have a home gym that is conducive to proper training methods and the growth of the individuals to make an environment full of positivity, the rest of your life will also seem to round itself out. I don't get stressed out in traffic, lose my cool when someone is obnoxious in public places, or worry about getting safely through a dark parking lot. Martial arts are extremely helpful in making us better suited for tackling multiple obstacles that life throws at us, and having a great trainer like Frankie Vincent at the helm to guide you will pay off in dividends on top of that."


David Porter Testimonial

Lisa Cuellar

Old Dominion University
Virginia Beach, VA


Had the pleasure of training at CMT this weekend. What was supposed to be a day training trip turned into a fun filled weekend. Coach Frankie, team, & members were warm & welcoming. Training was action packed beginning with a refreshing run outside. Got in some great pad work with Coach Frankie too. One of the members even offered her beautiful beach cottage at a generous deal that could not be passed up. Hospitality is top notch. We felt like part of the family. Looking forward to training here again. If you are visiting the OBX area, it's a must stop.

Samantha Lainer

Director of Promotional sales
Norfolk, VA


I cannot speak highly enough about the experience I had at Coastal Muay Thai! From the moment I walked in Frankie was knowledgeable, encouraging, laid-back, and taught me a wealth of knowledge in the hour private lesson I took with him. I am lucky to live only about an hour away from this gym and have a house in the Outer Banks so I can come train here somewhat frequently, I look forward to doing this more and encourage anyone visiting or who lives in the area to drop in and take a class. I can't wait to take everything I've learned and apply it at my home gym and come back and show Frankie my improvements!



(aka JoJo) 
Thailand, Male, 33 yrs.
Cobans Thai Boxing Instructor 
Bachelor degree 


"I would recommend you as a coach, partner . . . it's about 'the experiences' you have in both combined boxing & Muay Thai. Above than that is about understanding how to teach people start from basic."

I want to thank everyone at Coastal Muay Thai for an awesome training sessions while I was at the outer banks....I am a trainer from NJ and it's nice to be trained and learn different techniques...I want to thank Frankie for fitting me in your taught a lot and I'm looking forward to bringing it back to teach my clients...looking forward to coming back and training with everyone again soon!

Jack Rose
Personal Trainer
New Jersey


Vicki Nickey
Va Beach, VA

This place is awesome! Welcoming crew, good workout, great coach! Really happy to find this on our vacation. So nice to walk into a place and feel comfortable on the first visit. Highly recommend for vacationers and if you live here, what are you waiting for?! Get in there! Whether you're looking for technique help or just to get your sweat on, it's right there!

"What suprised me the most when we stopped working together is when you [Frankie] went up north and took a bunch of fights to gain experience which also im sure would improve your training abilities. What pleased me the most is that you [Frankie] always pushed me making sure I never slacked which someone like myself (a fight) really needs.


I love pads and sparring, especially when pads turn into a fight (not literally) where the trainer will be constantly throwing stuff your way so you're not just attacking but also defending. Frankie definetly showed this as he is a fighter himself is not a lazy pad holder like a lot of others.


Look, there's a lot of different ways to train and get fit out there but boxing/Muay Thai will not only push you physically but mentally as well and just improve your overall well-being. That might sound cliche' but you have to try it for yourself to understand.


Well, I'm a muay thai fighter and Frankie definitely helped me open my mind to boxing  - not just the punches but also the movement which has really improved my defense and movement.


Yes, I would recommend Frankie as a great boxing/Muay Thai coach/trainer. He will guide you and make sure you're throwing the proper technique and push you to your limits. Muay Thai/boxing is a beautiful art and I recommend people of ALL ages to go out and give it a try and I promise you will be hooked after.


I trained with Frankie up in Bangsaphan, Thailand (real rural Thailand) and he opened my mind to new things, different styles and techniques and is a great guy all round.

Jay Tonkin 

Age 20

From Australia 

Lives/Fights in Thailand

Muay Thai Superstar

Amy Wells

Age 60

Kitty Hawk native


Occupation: (Stll Figuring that Out)

Education: MBA

"I was concerned that I did not know anything about boxing, and I have never thrown a punch at anyone in my life! I was worried that my advanced age, inexperience, and gender would discourage a high level instructor from accepting me as a student. Also, I needed to move slowly and at my own pace due to some injuries, and I was not sure an instructor would accommodate or understand my limitations.


I did not outwardly see hesitation or reservation in your willingness to be my instructor. It was a wonderful sense of acceptance into an arena that often exudes intimidation to the inexperienced spectator.


The extent of increase in my overall strength, stability, and range of motion has been a surprise, as well as, the specific increase in strength and stability of my hip including hip rotators, flexors and the quadriceps of my left leg.


( I have had three artificial hip implant revisions on the same left hip ) I am ecstatic that I can move with some new confidence and stability. Also, I am totally surprised by how much I like the challenge of boxing.


Training with you has been a wonderful opportunity and privilege. You have real experience and extensive training in the sport, as well as , the cultural and philosophical exposure to the true essence of the martial arts which allow you to share with your students and others the “how and why” of fighting techniques, concepts, and artistry. Not to mention, that you are just an all-around nice guy!


I like the challenge of trying to find more physical and mental power from a balanced, rhythmic, and relaxed state; yet, I can’t imagine trying to maintain that focus, relaxed state, and rhythm while someone else is hitting back.


The training with you gives me the opportunity to cultivate the mind and body through a physical training and martial arts program. It allows me to practice personal discipline and growth in new ways. You have encouraged me to start from where I am- as a novice and beginner with physical limitations- and improve. I enjoy the exercise and training with purpose and specific direction. Hitting that double- ended bag with good timing and accuracy has given me a new mission and challenge. I also like the sharp sound of hitting the pads just right; it’s the sound, feel, and real texture to a sense of accomplishment for me. Most of all, I believe the lessons and experience have given me an opportunity to overcome some limitations and face some fears.


I think it would have to do with a deeper understanding of the agility, artistry, and strategy of a fighter.

My initial goal was to get stronger and learn how to correctly throw punches.

I was hoping to develop some better chance of self-defense, should I ever need it.

Because of all my surgeries, I had lost the ability to run and move with intensity in the other sports that I played. I was desperate to find a new way of moving.

Thanks to all the push- ups, sit ups, repetitive practice, and trips around the ring, I am now stronger. Through the training, I may have a chance to defend myself with a decent punch should I need one. And, I think I now have the strength in my hip and leg to begin to play some of the other sports and activities that I love so much.


Overall, I have developed more confidence in my ability to move with purpose and stability. Yet, I realize, now, that there is a lifetime of learning about proper fighting technique and martial arts concepts; you have given me some insight and a whole new perspective on the sport. I have a deeper respect and understanding the profession. Boxing and martial arts are not a brawl, but a real art. I will probably never fight or hit anyone. I will never be an accomplished martial artist or enter a ring, but, I am a fighter in some small way: I realize the ultimate goal is Peace. The effort should be to better one’s self. One should be disciplined and prepared. I want to be brave in the face of a challenge.


Would you recommend me and the sport of boxing/Muay thai? If so, why? Absolutely! You are very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching the sport. You seem to help your students develop proper techniques and a better understanding of the sport, wherever they are in life and ability, if they have a willingness to learn and work hard. The paths to the martial arts are probably as varied as the individuals that come to you for lessons or advice. They may not all come for the reasons which you understand, but, once they are there, I am sure your influence with be a positive one. Without wordiness or dominance, you teach and encourage your students, and others, with succinct, clear instruction, sincere commitment, and exemplary actions. Your movements around the ring and in the gym embody the essence of a true martial artist and teacher.


The people who cross your path usually have something to teach you.


I love nature and the sea. I love my children. I love to move. I just want to mindfully breathe, be brave, and always grateful.


Thank you so much, Frankie. You have given me immeasurable strength through your encouragement and acceptance."

Carol Edmonds

Age 58

Kill Devil Hills, NC




Degree in Computer Science

"Age and being unskilled was a concern. Starting a sport (and for me this was the first time I was involved in any kind of a sport) for the first time in my life at the age of 55 intimidated me. I knew I liked to watch boxing but never thought about actually doing it until I saw you training someone. I then thought I would like to give it a try and see if I could actually learn how to box.


At first it was your patience with me and your ability to break down the moves and the nuances that are involved with the sport. After working with you and actually learning a little bit about boxing, I realized your skill level was well above what I expected from someone who lives on the Outer Banks. What I like most about training with you is you don’t allow me to use my age as an excuse, you still encourage (push) me to continue learning and doing the techniques the right way instead of just going through the motions.


When I train, I can put away the stress of the day and just concentrate on what I am supposed to do and the moves I am supposed to make correctly. Learning to box and train has enabled me to feel like if I had to, I could defend myself; made me feel like an athlete for the first time in my life; and burn a lot of calories doing something I love to do. I also feel strong and very healthy.


After training with someone while you [Frankie] were in Thailand, I learned that not everyone who says they can teach a sport really can. Just because someone is involved in the sport doesn’t mean they can teach it. You are very active in boxing and Muay Thai, but you also know how to break it down so that someone who knows nothing about the technicalities of the sport can learn it. Having someone else train me also showed me that it is easy to be taught the wrong way to do something and hard to un-learn that bad teaching. I have also gone through strength training with a personal trainer in the past. I enjoyed it, but now realize that I prefer more of an active sport training experience rather than a weight training experience.


 You have the patience and skills to work with people of all ages and abilities as long as they are willing to put in the work necessary to make progress. You are not training just for the money. You really want people to learn the sport you love in a good, sound and technical way. You could very easily take on many more clients and just go through the motions but you don’t do that and I respect that about you. Boxing is a great way to build confidence in yourself as well as a great way to get in shape. It is very much a mental sport as well as a physical sport which does not become apparent until you have been involved with it for a while. There is so much more to the sport than what you see by just watching it.


I am very grateful that you have the expertise and competency to teach me boxing. I enjoyed all the kicks, knees and elbows associated with Muay Thai . . ."




Jeb Tate

Age 33


Vocational Training,

Public Safety 


"I was suprised how much training I use in my occupation. I am most pleased with how much my fitness level increased.

We spend a lot of time on technique. I like the physical fitness benefits that come with training. My balance is much better, my overall strength has increased, and my technique has become much better.

I enjoy the classes offered at the gym, and they are very good. The additional one on one training has helped my technique and form a lot. The focus on physcal fitness is an additional benefit.

I enjoy training and would highly recommend training with Frankie and the sport of Muay Thai. getting in better shape and learning a sport that can benefit me in my daily life make it worth while. Frankie also shows a lot of patience and wants me to succeed and do well.

Training with Frankie has definitely made a huge improvement in my Muay Thai skills, especially training for an upcoming fight."




Tom Snyder

Age 27


GM So Nice Again


Education: East Carolina University, Economics







"I started boxing in Greensboro, NC, at age 16. Boxing was a good way of me continuing a contact sport. Since at the time I never thought I would go to college or play college football. My goals of picking up boxing were simple, to learn a new contact sport that I could play for years and years after high school. Plus I wanted to be able to defend myself if needed.


After I started training with Frankie, my hand eye coordination began to improve and I was able to block and parry punches better, staying in the pocket. This is all contributed to Frankie's mitt work and sparring techniques. Before, I loved just moving in the ring alot and bobbing and weaving, like Ali. All of this movement became problems. Two consistent problems in boxing matches that I was having was becoming more tired in long boxing matches and not being in the best position to return a punch. From constant mitt work and sparring, Frankie helped me get rid of these bad habits and make me a more diversed boxer.


My goals when I started training with Frankie were simple, he looked like he knew what he was doing and I needed a sparring partner. At the time having a successful amateur boxing career, I thought I knew everything and didn't need to learn anything else, just needed more reps in the ring. Little did I know Frankie exposed my weaknesses in the sport. Began showing and explaning that I can't aways rely on my arm length and speed. One thing I can say boxing did to my personality was made me very cocky, and taking boxing advice at this time in my life, after boxing for 5 or 6 years, listening to a new trainer was not my forte. Time and time again Frankie only wanted to work with me on my weakness, which were blocking and close-in fighting. We would do rounds and rounds of mitt work and sparring to work on my close quarters boxing style. This was very different seeing it come from a trainer. I've had many boxing coaches up to this point in my life, some good and some not so good. I don't feel at this time I've worked with a coach or a trainer that saw my flaws without me telling them and truly breakdown what to work on.


Boxing life after working with Frankie, I've got the opportunity to return to East Carolina University and coach the boxing club. My experience in the sport and using coaching techniques I picked up from Frankie, East Carolina had one of it's successful seasons in the school's history and it's first National Champion, Brandon Knox. After one year of coaching ECU's boxing club, I got the opportunity to box in Las Vegas and go toe to toe with many Top Rank Promotions boxers like Chris Algieri. I bring up Chris Algieri in particular, because he was the same height, arm length, and fighting style as me, so the techniques Frankie worked with me on really shined, at that moment.   


I recommend the sport of boxing to anyone that lacks confidence in any way of life, wants to learn self-defense, improve athleticism, or wants to enjoy a competitive sport. Also, like me, that loved the contact of football in highschool and is looking for that same excitement after highschool."

Amanda (Wolf) Sprinkle

Age 28



Chef/Restaurant Owner



Bachelors in Hospitality Management

"I moved to the Outer Banks about six years ago. My husband (then boyfriend) and I wanted to find a fitness center that was different and incorporated a fitness class we would both enjoy. After a few months, I developed such a love for kickboxing, I decided I wanted to instruct. After speaking with the owner, he suggested I work one-on-one with an instructor to improve technique and advance my skills. The instructor was Frankie Vincent.


Frankie and I became training partners. He took the time (and patience) to train me day by day. We trained early in the day to work with my crazy restaurant schedule. We trained in the ring, on the beach, and even outside in the backyard. It was intense but every day I improved. I became stronger, faster and more confident. After only a few short months, I was ready to teach my own kickboxing classes. Although I reached my goal of becoming a kickboxing instructor, I kept training because I was still learning and saw improvement with each training session. I trained with Frankie for a little over a year. I was at the best fitness level of my life. I was strong, quick on my feet and my cardio could rival any marathoner. I cherish our training time and truly appreciate Frankie’s patience, knowledge and his couple of right hooks and kicks to the head!

 Frankie worked with me and we trained early (but every now and then, I needed that motivational text to get out of bed and TRAIN!)

Frankie is an excellent coach. He would breakdown movement and explain why a certain technique was used. This was beneficial not only for me but allowed me to explain to my kickboxing students why we punched, shift or stepped a certain way.

Training helped me become a stronger and more confident woman (yes, this may sound cliché but I would not have achieved the fitness level I had without the personal training I had with Frankie).

I learned so much training. I became a pretty “kick-butt” instructor (if, I should say so myself) but I also achieved a cardio level that allowed me to run races and half marathons, that I wouldn’t have thought twice about before. I have also obtained the knowledge I had learned with training to apply to my everyday fitness routine.


Frankie is an awesome coach/teacher!"

"Started working out at a young age of 14. I have been a fitness fanatic ever since. From aerobics to every fitness fad since the 90s, I've tried them all. Never overweight but always striving for what I seemed to be out of reach.


After my first child in my 30s I got interested in martial arts. Trained a few years in classes and on my own. Finally decided to invest in personal training and I'm hooked."

Diane Fisher

Age 42

Kill Devil Hills, NC

Fitness Enthusiaist

Reg. Nurse

Single Mom

Rob Petty

Age 42

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Education: BS Administration of Justice (Pre-Law)


"My initial hesitation was due to the fact that I was overweight, out of shape and the task ahead seemed so overwhelming. Regardless of my abilities or lack thereof, you welcomed me with open arms, as did the friendship that has evolved from us training together. The feeling of pride and self-confidence that comes from challenging yourself and achieving those goals as well as overall mental and physical well being. You keep the training fresh and constantly adapt the training regimen to match my skill set.


Absolutely, you’re a professional and a true pleasure to work with. Additionally, the training teaches you how to intelligently defend yourself as well as your loved ones."







Basia Amini

Age 31, Poland

Resides: KDH, NC

Occupation: Construction and Interior Design


Education: Master's in International Business

"My journey with Martial Arts started about 3 years go. I was looking for a form of exercising that would transform my body and challenge me at the same time. Frankie Vincent, was the one, who introduced me to Muy Thai Kickboxing and a self that I didn’t know existed. Training with Frankie has brought my fitness to a higher level. Just after a couple of months of training my body started to change.


I began noticing a better definition in my muscles, tighter core, toned legs and arms, better balance and coordination. I started feeling stronger not only physically, but also mentally. I learned how to stay out of my comfort zone and overcome my self-imposed limits.


Muay Thai Kickboxing has become my great passion. It is a fun and rewarding way of reaching your fitness goals. It is not only a cardiovascular workout but also a great way of learning useful techniques that can be practiced in self-defense.


Frankie’s great experience and professional achievements speak for itself. His passion and love for Martial Arts, Muay Thai in particular, makes him a great instructor and motivator. He creates a welcoming and encouraging environment. His vast knowledge and dedication allows you to learn proper techniques, become more aware of your body and its capabilities, and develop internal and external strength.

Muay Thai Kickboxing with Frankie Vincent is more than a workout; it is a skill that you acquire, and a confidence you gain. It is an experience that can change your way of life.


The day to day monotony of lifting weights, running, swimming, biking, etc. that the general public is used to can be dull. Muay Thai kickboxing brings a whole new and intriguing realm of entertainment to exercising."



Great gym. Frankie is a very knowledgeable coach and fighter. Coastal does a great job of sticking to traditional Muay Thai roots (which is rare). All the coaches and members are very friendly and welcoming.



Scott Hudson

Age 31, Canada

Occupation: Muay Thai instructor / Pro MMA

Paul Atkinson
Norfolk, Va

I had the chance to train with the Costal Muay Thai team during my stay in the Outer Banks, NC. I would recommend this gym to local residents interested in Muay Thai/ combat sports because of the knowledgeable staff, great gym facility, and encouraging environment. If you're a martial artist in town for vacation you should definitely schedule a drop in or private while in town.



Paul Atkinson
Norfolk, Va

I had the chance to train with the Costal Muay Thai team during my stay in the Outer Banks, NC. I would recommend this gym to local residents interested in Muay Thai/ combat sports because of the knowledgeable staff, great gym facility, and encouraging environment. If you're a martial artist in town for vacation you should definitely schedule a drop in or private while in town.



Nora Claybrook
Age 31
Reservation Agent: OBX Blue


Whether you want to learn boxing and muay thai for fitness only or to actually fight then this is the place to be. I've trained on and off with the team for over a year and each time I do my technique improves significantly. And each time I come back they all make me feel more than welcome. Definitely legitimate coaching and an inviting atmosphere.



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