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  • Skill Level: All

  •  Type: Muay Thai & Boxing

  •  Duration: 50 min

  • Location: Bag Area

Fit Body More Confidence

Women who train at a boxing gym receive a multitude of benefits. Boxing can burn hundreds of calories per hour, making it valuable if you want to maintain your weight or shed a few pounds. Boxing also strengthens both your upper-body muscles and the muscles in your core and lower body. Boxing improves your balance and flexibility while also boosting your confidence and serving as a valuable self-defense tool. Continue reading here about one our our many success stories!

Womens boxing class OBX

Latest Google Reviews

 "CMT is about building a healthy community and team spirit. CMT encourages everyone training to get to know each other and  to support and help each other. From supporting our little ones at their school event (i.e. talent shows, etc) to attending each other fights - both championship level and match debuts" Karen Blades

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Meet The Coaches

Martial Arts coaches outer Bank, NC

Frankie Vincent

Martial Arts Coaches Outer Banks

Don Williams

Martial Arts Coaches Outer Banks

Algon Saywer

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