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About Frankie Vincent

"Frankie is an excellent coach. He would breakdown movement and explain why a certain technique was used."


                                          - Amanda (Wolf) Sprinke, 28, Chef/Restaurant Owner 

"You have the patience and skills to work with people of all ages and abilities as long as they are willing to put in the work necessary to make progress"
Carol Edmonds - Pictured Left

Frankie Vincent has been published as “Making a Change” in the Coastland Times. He is a Certified USA Power Lifting (USAPL) Coach, a Starting Strength seminar attendee, strength coach, professional athlete, former Director of Fitness at DWCC, and founder of Coastal Muay Thai.

barbell seminar thai.png

Frankie Vincent, strength and conditioning coach of GFT-CRT and CRMA competition teams. Frankie was responsible for programming and form checks in preparation for upcoming competitions including the National Games and the SEA Games tryouts.

Squat Seminar Chiang Rai, Thailand.JPG

"We are excited to have an USAPL coach leading our competition teams" -

Adam Clarke BJJ Black Belt, Owner of Grappling Fight Team - Chiang Rai Thailand

Strength coach of Twiddy & CO, a real estate company who manages over 1,000 homes in the Outer Banks, and his latest, Gloria Polkawaldt. Duck Woods CC and other media know Frankie as “one who promotes positive health in our community”.

amy deadlift.png

"My initial goal was to get stronger. Because of all my surgeries, I had lost the ability to run and move with intensity in the other sports that I played.
I was desperate to find a new way of moving. I am ecstatic that I can move with some new confidence and stability. 

The extent of increase in my overall strength, stability, and range of motion has been a surprise, as well as, the specific increase in strength and stability of my hip including hip rotators, flexors and the quadriceps of my left leg"

Amy Wells, three artificial hip implant revisions on the same left hip

sumo deadlift 315 - 2.png

 "studying and competing in Thailand has been a major influence with Frankie’s approach to each individuals success as seen on every wall inside Coastal Muay Thai where stories and photos relate tangible results in body, mind and spirit…with a hint sweat”! – Published September, 2017 Virginia Pilot.

Muay Thai Fight Chiang Rai, Thailand.JPG

Frankie is the trainer of the following, listed from oldest to newest:

  • Amy Wells – 3 Hip replacement surgeries, OBX property investor, Day Trader

  • Don Williams – 2016 IKF Classic World Champion, General Contractor - Mainstay Contruction

  • Duke Keiser – Broker – In – Charge Christi Realty, Marketing Manager of Mobile 1, lived in Thailand for 5 years

Virginia Pilot writes his programs “the new innovative way for women to exercise”.


Muay Thai Outer Banks.jpeg

Coastal Muay Thai focuses on kids and adults programs for both beginners and inspired competitors — is often a go-to place for youth and teenage athletes to train during their off-season (because of the coordination and cardiovascular workouts Muay Thai facilitates). 

Attorney Pat Hudspeth writes about his child 5 year old Holden, “Holden’s focus, coordination and physical strength have improved” – CMT exceeded 35 fights the first year of opening.

Kids Martial Arts Outer Banks.JPG

Coastal Muay Thai received 300+ followers after just a month of launching.

Frankie has been featured by many media outlets–including The Virginia Pilot, The Coastaland Times, OBX Child Magazine




Frankie has amassed a diverse (and certainly odd) roster of experiences. Most of the below are from 2007-2018:

  • Captain of AAA High School (2,200 enrollment) wrestling team, 100+ Wins (highschool career)

  • Athletic Scholarship WVUT, 2007

  • Speaker of 3 languages (video samples)

  • United States of America Power Lifting Certified Coach (USAPL)

  • BJJ Purple Belt

  • 2011 N.C. State Adult grappling champion

  • 2015 Regional Muay Thai Champion in Northern Thailand

  • Competitor 2015 World Wai Kru Ceremony Autiya, Thailand

  • Member of  Bulgaria’s National Boxing Team Sofia, Bulgaria

  • 2018 Starting Strength seminar attendee - Atlanta, GA 

  • Guest Speaker - "State of health in the Outer Banks" - First Flight Rotary Club Video Here

  • Lecturer at Duck Woods Country Club 1st Squat & lifting safely seminar

  • Silver Medal (Open Div) 2018 BJJ Siam Cup - Bangkok, Thailand

  • Bronze Medal 2018 BJJ Budo Warrior Open - Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2018 Loy Krathong Festival - "Fight of the Night" Chiang Saen, Thailand

Frankie enjoys surfing, plane bagels w/ crème cheese, writing “About” pages in third person, and neglecting texting/emails.

Please check out Coastal Muay Thai on Facebook and Instagram, my latest pages which shares the tactics, routines, and habits of Muay Thai champtions, icons, and world-class performers. It was distilled from more than 1,000 pages of notes, and everything has been vetted and tested in my own life in some fashion. The tips and tricks shared on that FB and Instagram page changed my life, and I hope the same for you

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