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Dream Fitness in Kulua Lampur, Malaysia

Dream Fitness is located near the KUL International Airport and is a great option if you have time to kill before departing. Dream Fitness is a fully functional gym that offer day passes and free trials...

Located on the second floor above a 7/11, small restaurant, and bowling alley. The gym has its own two floors with the locker rooms on the first and majority of weights and machines on the second.

The first floor is quite open offering yoga and the like classes while the second floor is well equipped with machines, a squat rack, and treadmills. There is an area for deadlifting though no platform.


Squat Rack



Variety of Machines Treadmills Punching Bag

Facility: Two floors, plenty of space

Locker Rooms (both male & female) with showers

Towels 3RM

Water fountain

We were there on a Saturday around noon and had the gym to ourselves. The gyms facility also offers a 7/11, a small Malay restaurant, and a bowling alley. From the gym to the KUL International Airport is 30RM via Grab App.


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