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Strongman Gym in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Borneo Titans Strongman gym is owned by Alvin Landy Ilod, a former strongman competitor.

The gym has garage doors in both the southern and northern parts which allows for a breeze.

"Borneo's and South East Asia Premier Strongman Training Facility"

A bit of Borneo's Titans story...

Opening in 2013, it seems after chatting with the owner (also now ranked 3rd in the Static Monsters World Championships) the idea came from a few guys wanting to offer the KK City area something they knew was beneficial though had a different approach regarding fitness.

"When we first opened, everyone thought we were crazy to have a concept that has no machines or any cardio equipment like the conventional gyms of today" - Alvin Landy

The gym is a relatively small area though having all the equipment a power-lifter, cross-fitter, and strongman athlete alike could ask for.

All ranges of bumper plates, steel plates, micro plates, variety of barbells, chalk, squat rack, dead-lifting platform and more.

There is one loud speaker that members can connect their phone to and play music of their choice.

Borneo Titans also has regular classes for both beginners and the experienced. They have a great reputation around town and are known for sponsoring local athletes from soccer players to fighters alike.

As Borneo Titans gym says...

"So...Come lift with us"

Day pass is 15 Ringgit approx $4


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