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In's & Out's of our Online Personal Coaching... Is it for you?

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Online coaching could be for you if you want to work out where and when it's convenient for you.

Do you prefer working out on your own or at your own pace?

Do you already have experience with the movements though do not want to guess at writing your own program?

Who can benefit from online coaching?

- Those who live in a remote location without access to qualified coaches.

- Those who don't want to develop bad lifting habits.

Living in remote places certainly has it advantages.

With online coaching you now have access to a coach, customized workouts, Skype sessions, progress tracking, form checks, and nutrition coaching.

- Having a Full Schedule

No more scheduling with online coaching and yet continue to receive a structured program and ongoing support from a coach.

Due to demanding work schedules, for example, many of clients split their workouts into five 20-minute sessions per week.

Others complete cardio in the morning and resistance training in the evening.

- You travel. Think family vacations or work travel.

Many of clients travel for business and aren't sure what equipment is in the hotel. If one can't get to a proper gym I'll get them to send me a quick video clip of the gym upon arrival. I then put together a workout.


Coach to coach will run their online programs slightly differently though all of us are providing clients with fitness and nutrition guidance, customize workout plans, and ongoing support via email or Skype.

- Client having a strict schedule
- Prefer to workout on own
- Customized work outs
- Support via email, text messaging, and/or Skype

Our programs are an example of how online training can work. Lets discuss that here so you can get a sense of what to expect.

Our online coaching programs provide customized workouts to help reach your specific goal.

We'll work together with whatever is available, including your own homes, outdoors, or local fitness facilities.

With online coaching, you also get personal support from me throughout each month. The level of communication ranges from e-mail to unlimited voice messaging, texting, and video analysis.


Tools we use for online training -

I aim to keep things as simple as possible while still delivering results.

Scheduled coaching calls are done via phone or Skype; whatever each client prefers.

Form Checks and Sending workouts

Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google.

You receive workouts via email, log them as they get done, and we track progress. I get automatic notifications whenever a client completes a workout.

Nutrition Tracking

Clients, if they chose can log their food and I can automatically see their entries without them having to send me anything.


Conversations in real time via Google Photos

In addition to an in-person coaching call per month, clients get e-mail support for questions they may have, Google Photos app also allows us to message.

It takes 2 minutes to enter your workout and 5 minutes to log food for the day (less if you eat similar things every day.)


Aspects to Consider

Online coaching can work for all levels, though it helps to have a basic working knowledge of the lifts. Here are some things to consider.

"Remote coaching can work for anyone from beginner to advanced, but it favors someone who has some prior experience in the gym or experience with personal training but is looking for some outside perspective," - Kyle Clechenko

- Form checks via video feedback are not in real time

- Need to be self motivated

- Can be challenging to get live advice


More on Coaching

A coach can point out something that might be simple, but it will completely change your world. "I didn't know what I was doing" is a phrase I often hear when working with our members and often say when I work with my own coach.

A great strength coach will open up your sense of possibility. They will show you what’s really possible and work with you to help you get there.

Who we typically work with

- Some sort of chronic pain like low back, knee, or shoulder

- Wanting to get stronger while losing or maintaining weight

- Wanting to lose weight

- Those not wanting to guess at programming

Learning from a coach’s experience and following a proven system has many benefits.

It will save time, money, and effort over the long haul.

Fill out our Application Questionnaire and when we are finished reviewing your form, we will be in touch with you ASAP regarding our recommendation and how we may best work together.

Reason's to consider investing in on-line coaching

- Train around your own schedule

- Don't have to make an appointment

- With the internet; you can achieve your goals within your own schedule, and you don’t have to worry about fitting into your trainer’s schedule.

- Don't have to pay the trainer if you miss a session

- You can work out anywhere, anytime and anyplace most convenient for you - think traveling, family vacations, e.g.

Access to an expert in the area that you wish to focus on

-It doesn’t matter anymore where your trainer is located. You can achieve your goals from anywhere around the globe.

-Your online trainer can monitor and help add to your mindset/motivation, gym training, nutrition, recovery and your behavioral change every week

Direct Communication Around the Clock

- Email

- Skype

- Direct Messaging


We are excited to take on a limited number of new clients provided we are a good fit for each other.

We want to help you and will need to get some basic information first.

We offer both nutrition coaching and online program design with coaching.

Our coaches have programmed for and worked in various capacities with a wide variety of clients: those needing to make significant life changes for their overall health or seeking a change for general strength and conditioning, beginning gym-goers, seasoned athletes, and those pursuing a variety of sports, including powerlifting, injury rehab, and many combat and team sport athletes.

Our standard packages are for 3 months of nutrition and/or programming.

Our team of professional coaches work together to make initial recommendations and then you send in, at a minimum, weekly updates and your coach tweaks everything accordingly.

There is guidance at many levels so there is not just one coach, rather a team of people making sure you get the best service.

You also get unlimited email access.

In general, people contact us 3-4x a week with various questions or concerns, and emails get returned within 24 hrs (most of the time sooner).

Via your CPU submit our Application Questionnaire

When we are finished reviewing your form, we will be in touch with you ASAP regarding our recommendation and how we may best work together.

Please let us what questions you might have.


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