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Pattaya's Powerlifting Gym

The gym is separated into different sections with each offering different ways to exercise.

Treadmills are near the entry with an area to sit and eat. There is a medicine ball and boxing area with two banana bags. This area has yoga matts and resistance bands too. The well equipped powerlifting area offering many squat racks, safety bars, deadlifting bars, resistance bands, chains and more. During our visits we were able to squat, deadlift, and bench (vlog above).

Well equipped gym: Deadlifting Bars Squat racks Bumper Plates Turf runway with yokes, sleds, prowlers, leg press Dumbbells Box jumps Chains, resistance bands, ab wheel, glute/ham raise

Human Strong Gym has plenty of room and we never felt crowded while training. Current hip hop music is normally playing in the background. The facilities offer a clean bathroom, showers, and a sit down area. For the interested Gatoraide, water, and protein power are offered (50 baht).

Prices below (May 2019)


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