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Sit Thaharnaek Muaythai - Chiang Mai

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Located near Night Bazaar - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Afternoon session - 16:00 - 19:00ish

Cost: 1 session - 400 Baht

An inside gym on the second floor of the Night Bazaar Hotel with one side that opens to the deck which over looks the bustling street.

Address: the Night Bazaar place hotel, 41 Kalare Night Bazaar , 2nd floor, Changklan Rd, 50100

Correct location via google maps

I had ran to the gym which was about 5k from my hotel… I actually ran to a different gym (Por Silaphai Gym). After arriving to this gym I was directed to speak to a trainer, in Thai I told him I'm here traveling from Chiang Rai. After introducng myself I said I wanted to train one time and he replied in Thai the fee for one session is 700 Baht - wow. I left and went to Sit Thaharneak.

Por silaphai gym was a clean open aired gym. I saw three Thai trainers and 3 other guests there to train. I've trained in many regions of Thailand and this is the most expensive I've ever heard of, almost double the price.

Sit Thaharnaek gym has been open for about 5 years, the Head Trainer and I chatted for a bit after training. The gym has 5 trainers and class had 13 guests which makes for almost a full gym there. There is one ring that over looks the busy street and a variety of heavy bags.

This is a good gym for both a mix of beginners because their practice is lead by a trainer the whole time - until after bag work then it relaxes. What seemed like forever during the stretching portion is a bit much for me though I'm sure if I trained there full-time I'd be able to skip this.

Each person gets 3x4 minute rounds of pads.

After pads I was asked to spar with the head trainers son, a 18 year old guy who fights in Lumpinee at the end of this month. Well controlled guy with good leg kicks.

The Thai trainers will clinch with you once the beginners are finished, I found myself and another guy from London the only foreigners clinching with the Thai's.

If a more (serious) or Professional fighter is patient they will get (good) training in.

I made friends with the Thais and towards the end of training they were all comfortable speaking Thai and telling me jokes.

Because most of them do speak a bit of English and each portion of training is lead by a trainer, this makes for a place for beginners.


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