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Frankie Vincent has been published as "Making a Change" by the Coastland Times. He is credited for his programming contributions with respect to Strength & Conditioning of note;

  • 2018 South East Asian Games and,

  • Recommended by Canada and Malaysia Junior & National Teams and,

  • Official Training Program for Twiddy & CO and,

  • 40 International Athletes since 2013, including UFC contender Shanna Young, Australian World Champion Jayy Tonkin, 2018 Thai National Champion สุริยา นารี,  2018 South East Asian Games Winner Nun Kwaang and,

  • 100+ Professional & Amateur Athletes coached including USTA tennis and golf players alike.

A Professional Muay Thai Fighter, primarily in Thailand, and former Director of Fitness at Duck Woods CC, he now coaches full-time. With personal experience competing internationally in addition to having years of experience coaching and training, Frankie works with various folks (kids to grandparents, beginning gym-goer to competitors and teams). He has helped athletes realize their best performance while helping others realize increased bone density scores i.e. T-score resulting in winning on big stages and improved quality of life, respectively.

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