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Training in Roanoke, Virginia

Curriculums. Coaching. Results. 

Beginning a new exercise program can be challenging. To help, I listen closely, answer questions with clarity, and meet you where you or your team is at. 

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Up Close and Personal
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Frankie Vincent Roanoke Virginia Coaching
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Why Work With CMT?


Experience & Knowledge

With CMT coaching and curriculums, you have the benefit of an entire career committed to helping people like you, people wanting to be healthier, stronger, or prepare for APFT. An entire career dedicated to helping people who want to learn Muay Thai, hit pads, and train. We'll handle what we know so you can focus on your teams' or your own exercise priorities, and feel secure you're on the right track. 


Honesty & Clarity

Clear instruction, open communication, and honest answers are a must. I will work to build a relationship rooted in transparency and trust from day one. This may mean telling you CMT isn't the right fit for you, and why. 


Empathy & Compassion

I may not have had the same experience, but I attempt to connect with your emotion. My goals are to connect with people from various demographics. I do this through exercising curiosity, listen deeply, and my hope is that you feel heard and understand. 


Strategic Programming

Together, we will realize what's important and what is not. We focus on priorities and see their place in the bigger picture. We will make decisions thoughtfully and purposefully, to help you achieve optimal results. 


Personalized Attention

No two persons or teams are the same. I pay attention to what makes you unique. Genuine connections is rooted in my core. This allows us to understand each other on a deeper level, empathize with your situation, your reality, and your goals. At the end, let's have a good story to tell. 

Committed to Ourselves & to You

When we begin working together, you're in the driver's seat. I'll act as the guide and help you to stay on course. 

Together we will work to identify internal motivators and your goals. We'll talk about your fears and your concerns. We will strategize the best ways to get you there. You will receive our best advice, though always recognizing it is your life and ultimately your decision. 

You will be informed, questions answered, and we will help address any concern you may have. 

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How to get started

Click Here to tell us what you're interested in:

Muay Thai/Boxing

Strength Training 

Tell us How:


Team/Group Training

Weekend Workshops and Guest Instructing

After you contact us we'll send a brief questionnaire which helps us serve you better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a program last?

The truth is that this is hard to answer, given each program is individualized. We have seen best results with a minimum of three month commitment. Also, we have worked with individuals for years and have done a countless number of single session form checks and one time pad sessions. 

What are the most common types of training?

We really do work with all types of people with different goals. And we really do work with all types of teams like, field and court and hockey too. I've worked with all types of athletes from UFC vets, a WBC Muay Thai Champion, and those wanting to get back to playing golf or carrying turkeys on Thanksgiving. I've seen the same intensity in effort throughout all ages and demographics, just different goals. 

What is the cost of training?

There are many factors that go into determining an appropriate value. It is very rare to be able to give a blanket cost as this would undermine value. It is understandable to want to know the cost right away, but it is also important to only answer that question when we can provide a meaningful answer. 

What Can I Expect?

Every person, team, and coach is different, but in general, a team or client can expect to walk away with increased insight including:

Realized Strength Gains

General Physical Preparedness 

Progressive Overload

Internal Motivators

Rate of Perceived Exertion

Saved Time

Exercise Autonomy

Achieved Goals

Expectation Management

Fatigue Management

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Our Process

There are three basic phases of beginning training
- Inquiry, Scheduling & Programming, and Beginning. 

In the beginning, and throughout training we need information from you but we do the heavy lifting to minimize the burden on you. 

Everyone is different, but each phase has a common timeframe. These timeframes are just estimates because there are many factors that affect how quickly someone moves through the process. The mission is you achieving your goal.

For instance, you may still be recovering from an injury and are waiting to be cleared for physical activity. Sometimes hospitals and doctors' offices are backed up. Their schedule can be full, which means you're still waiting. 

On the other hand, you are ready to begin. You may have a clear goal are ready to take control. 

We are prepared to meet you where you are at.

1. Inquiry

45-90 min

This is when we knock out details. Sometimes you may not have exact clarity, we will exercise communication and listen deeply in guiding you to identify your internal motivators. 

Here is where we figure out if we can help, likeliness to be successful, and determine the next best step. At the end of the inquiry, we tell you our our thoughts and what we recommend. 

If together we recommend moving forward, we discuss pricing, which launches the next step.

2. Scheduling & Programming

At this point we've decided to work together, know your goals, addressed concerns, and have an entry point.

This includes exchanging schedules, what programming looks like, and getting your feedback. 

This phase also includes strategizing to deal with the inevitable surprises which affects scheduling, like family matters, work conflicts, and the days there's 0 motivation.

Once this is complete, the next step is training.

3. Training

We are now working together, on-line, in person, or a combination. Together we have identified what success looks like and working towards the goal.

The length of an exercise or training program will depend on things like, the barriers in front of the goal, resources, and the amount of time. 

I've worked with individuals & teams for single sessions to multiple years and off-season to year round, respectively. 

Ready to Talk?

If you have been wondering about beginning an exercise program, seeking a curriculum for your gym or school, or think it's time to go to the next level it is vital that you seek the advice and guidance of an experienced and competent coach. Speak to an experienced coach you can trust. 

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