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Best Pad Holding in Chiang Mai?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We took a trip to Chiang Mai and visited Muay Thai camps in and around the Old City.

HongThong Muay Thai Gym - Website Here

Easy to find via Google Maps

300 baht - 1 session - no discount

Open aired gym with one ring and a variety of bags packed nicely.

Monday after noon session 4pm - 6:30 ish - January, 2019

5-6 Thai trainers with 13 people in the afternoon session

Enough room for many people, the head trainer (Hongthong Noi) speaks a bit of English and can talk about technique in English which makes this gym good for beginners.

There are a couple of fighters, most are beginners.

Typical training session, three four minute pads rounds.

Solid pad holder, leads the round though let me do a bit of freestyle. I witnessed the trainers leading the pad work the whole rounds with other students.

It's a good gym for beginners because the trainers speak English - a bit.

I liked that the head trainer stays in the ring during clinching and oversees everyone clinch providing suggestions and making the atmosphere a learning one.


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